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As a world leader in POS workstations, Panasonic continues to expand its capabilities with some of the best-integrated solutions in the industry. From mounting options and modularity, to purpose built durability, energy-savings and an open platform that supports virtually any industry software, our POS systems integrate with networked cameras, digital signage and handheld mobile order takers for your best total solution.                             


Panasonic offers an array of end-to-end digital signage solutions for QSRs, restaurants, bars and more. From digital menu boards tied to POS software systems, to customized networked programming, Panasonic can help you communicate with your customers to ensure maximum results and increase profits.                            


The Attune® Drive-Thru Communications System offers the industry's top digital audio performance in a durable headset. It improves order accuracy and speed of service — while decreasing repair costs and downtime. Attune is a proven efficiency and profit-building solution for QSRs.                             


Whether providing line-busting or convenient, quick and efficient customer bill-pay, Panasonic solutions optimize service and increase average ticket prices and sales. Our handhelds are your weather-proof, daylight viewable, drop-proof solution for more efficient operations.                            


As a world leader in imaging technologies, Panasonic offers QSRs the highest quality, most comprehensive line of IP, analog and hybrid surveillance solutions in the industry. From loss prevention to risk protection from slip and fall incidents and more, Panasonic surveillance solutions are your best defense against shrinkage, vandals, fraud and lawsuits.                           


Fast, flexible, smart communication systems are essential in the QSR industry. From ordering food and supplies, to keeping in touch with staff or coordinating deliveries, Panasonic offers a full suite of phones that can even integrate with your security camera system. Whether it's a PBX system or cloud-base service, Panasonic keeps you connected.